Second-Language Help for Windows Applications

G.R.S. Weir, G. Lepouras, U. Sakellaridis
People and Computers XI, M.A. Sasse, R.J. Cunnigham, and R.L. Winder (Eds), pp. 129-138, proceedings of Human Computer Interaction '96, Springer, ISBN 3-540-76069-5.

A Comparative Study of Temporal DBMS Architectures

Research area: 
C. Vassilakis, P. Georgiadis, A. Sotiropoulou
in Proceedings of DEXA 96 workshop, Zurich, September 1996.

A Cost Model for the Estimation of Query Execution Time in a Parallel Environment Supporting Pipeline

M. Spiliopoulou, M. Hatzopoulos and C. Vassilakis
in Journal Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 14, 1996, No. 1, pp. 341-368

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