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Pruning and Aging for User Histories in Collaborative Filtering

Dionisis Margaris and Costas Vassilakis
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence


Using Social media to stimulate history reflection in cultural heritage

Stavroula Bampatzia, Angeliki Antoniou, George Lepouras, Costas Vasilakis and Manolis Wallace
Proceedings of SMAP 2016.

CrossCult H2020 is a European project, the aim of which is the reflection of history in a cultural setting. In this paper, we describe how social media can be linked to cultural heritage and in particular how we can incorporate games, social networks, history reflection and culture. The paper presents the case study of one of the project pilots, to show how history reflection can be enhanced with the use of social networks.

Interconnecting Objects, Visitors, Sites and (Hi)Stories across Cultural and Historical Concepts: the CrossCult project

Costas Vassilakis, Angeliki Antoniou, George Lepouras, Manolis Wallace, Ioanna Lykourentzou and Yannick Naudet
Proceedings of the second International Conference On Digital Heritage (Euromed2016), 2016.


Improving museum visitors' Quality of Experience through intelligent recommendations: A visiting style-based approach

Ioanna Lykourentzou, Xavier Claude, Yannick Naudet, Eric Tobias, Angeliki Antoniou, George Lepouras and Costas Vasilakis
Proceedings of MASIE 2013 Workshop, co-located with the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments IE'13


A Knowledge-Based Approach for Developing Multi-Channel e-Government Services

Costas Vassilakis, George Lepouras, Costantin Halatsis
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Elsevier publications, Volume 6 , Issue 1 (January, 2007).

Intelligent Tools and Techniques for Multilingual Support project

Project status: 
Framework:British Council
Description:The project aimed at designing and implementing tools to support the interaction of non-English speakers with information systems.

SmartGov project

Description:The SmartGov project aims at developing a knowledge-based platform which will allow domain experts to develop on-line services for citizens and enterprises, without the decisive involvement of IT staff.
Project status: 
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A Blackboard-oriented Architecture for e-Government service composition

Costas Vassilakis, Anya Sotiropoulou, Dimitrios Theotokis, Dimitris Gouscos
Proceedings of the IRMA 2005 conference.


A Methodology for the Implementation of Software for the Design of Distributed Systems

C. Vassilakis, P. Georgiadis, D. Lelis, D. Mouzakis and M. Nikolaidou
Hellenic Informatics Conference, Patra 1993 (in Greek).

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