Name Title
2013 E-tourism
2013 Performance Tuning of Dual-priority Delta Networks through Queuing Scheduling Disciplines
2013 Secreta
2014 Mindmap-Inspired Semantic Personal Information Management
2014 Combining Quality of Service-based and Collaborating filtering-based techniques for BPEL scenario execution adaptation
2014 Towards a Learning Analytics Platform for Supporting the Educational Process
2014 Visualization method effectiveness in ontology-based information retrieval tasks involving entity evolution
2015 An integrated framework for adapting WS-BPEL scenario execution using QoS and collaborative filtering techniques
2015 A Hybrid Framework for WS-BPEL Scenario Execution Adaptation, Using Monitoring and Feedback Data
2015 Real time systems (Συστήματα πραγματικού χρόνου)
2015 A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm with Clustering for Personalized Web Service Selection in Business Processes
2015 Effectiveness of visualization for information retrieval through ontologies with entity evolution: the impact of ontology modelling
2015 On Replacement Service Selection in WS-BPEL Scenario Adaptation
2015 Preprocessor transformations and adaptation operations for improving QoS delivered by WS-BPEL scenario adaptation through service execution parallelization
2016 Improving QoS Delivered by WS-BPEL Scenario Adaptation through Service Execution Parallelization
2016 The use of semantics in the CrossCult H2020 project
2016 Interconnecting Objects, Visitors, Sites and (Hi)Stories across Cultural and Historical Concepts: the CrossCult project
2016 Using Social media to stimulate history reflection in cultural heritage
2016 Pruning and Aging for User Histories in Collaborative Filtering
2016 CrossCult
2017 Knowledge-Based Leisure Time Recommendations in Social Networks
2017 Improving Collaborative Filtering's Rating Prediction Quality in Dense Datasets, by Pruning Old Ratings
2017 Personalized Augmented Reality Experiences in Museums using Google Cardboards
2017 Improving Collaborative Filtering's Rating Prediction Quality by Considering Shifts in Rating Practices
2017 Formalization and visualization of the narrative for museum guides
2017 Enhancing User Rating Database Consistency through Pruning
2017 Using Time Clusters for Following Users’ Shifts in Rating Practices
To appear Recommendation Information Diffusion in Social Networks Considering User Influence and Semantics
To appear Exploiting Internet of Things Information to Enhance Venues' Recommendation Accuracy
To appear Stimulation of Reflection and Discussion in Museum Visits through the use of Social Media