Name Title
2010 The Conceptual Model of Context for Mobile Commerce Applications
2010 From the Web of Data to a World of Action
2010 Improving performance of a wireless multimedia traffic-oriented network through prediction of routing
2010 Historical research in archives: user methodology and supporting tools
2010 Performance Study of Multi-Layered Multistage Interconnection Networks under Hotspot Traffic Conditions
2011 Modelling and performance evaluation of a novel internal priority routing scheme for finite-buffered multistage interconnection networks
2011 Performance Analysis of Dual-Priority Multilayer Multistage Interconnection Networks under Multicast Environment
2011 Spreading Activation for Web Scale Reasoning: Promise and Problems
2011 A Software Architecture for Provision of Context-Aware Web-based m-Commerce Applications
2011 Wikis in enterprise settings: a survey
2011 Performance Analysis of Multi-Layered Multi-Priority Asymetric-Sized Delta Networks
2011 A methodological framework for the cognitive-behavioural evaluation of educational e-games
2011 Supporting User Roles in Ontology Fuzzification
2011 Career office, Internship information, innovation & entrepreneurship system
2011 The Architecture for Context Management of m-Commerce Applications
2011 OntoFM: A Personal Ontology-based File Manager for the Desktop
2012 A distributed recommender system architecture
2012 Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing Scheduling on Dual-Priority Delta Networks
2012 Context Management for m-Commerce Applications: Determinants, Methodology and the Role of Marketing
2012 A context management architecture for m-commerce applications
2012 Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing Scheduling on Quad-Priority Delta Networks
2012 Preprocessor transformations for implementing greedy and service provider-level QoS-based adaptation for BPEL scenario execution
2012 Experimedia Blue
2012 Quality assurance information system for the University of the Peloponnese
2013 A methodology for the design of online exhibitions
2013 An integrated framework for QoS-based adaptation and exception resolution in WS-BPEL scenarios
2013 Modelling and performance study of finite-buffered blocking Multistage Interconnection Networks supporting natively 2-class priority routing traffic
2013 Adapting WS-BPEL scenario execution using collaborative filtering techniques
2013 Improving museum visitors' Quality of Experience through intelligent recommendations: A visiting style-based approach
2013 User Profiling: Towards a Facebook Game that Reveals Cognitive Style