Name Title
2006 Tailorable e-government information systems
2006 Adaptive Virtual Reality Shopping Malls
2006 The Lifecycle Of Transactional Services
2006 Reusability In Governmental Electronic Services
2006 Visualizing a Temporally-Enhanced Ontology
2006 A Comparative Study of Four Ontology Visualization Techniques in Protégé: Experiment Setup and Preliminary Results
2006 A Context-Based Adaptive Visualization Environment
2006 Web Service Execution Streamlining
2006 t-Protégé: A Temporal Extension for Protégé
2006 Reverse-engineering electronic services
2006 Creating an Historical Archive Ontology: Guidelines and Evaluation
2006 Towards Dynamic, Relevance-Driven Exception Resolution in Composite Web Services
2006 Performance Analysis of Multistage Interconnection Networks determining optimal parameters for data-intensive business applications
2006 Performance analysis of blocking banyan switches
2006 Digitization of the Athens University Criminology Museum
2006 Digitization of the Athens University Anthropology Museum
2007 Domain Expert User Development: The SmartGov Approach
2007 A Knowledge-Based Approach for Developing Multi-Channel e-Government Services
2007 Towards a P2P world: peered taxation
2007 Historical Archive Ontologies - Requirements, Modeling and Visualization
2007 Creating an Ontology for the User Profile: Method and Applications
2007 Component Reuse in Electronic Services Development
2007 Ontology Visualization Methods - A Survey
2007 Performance Analysis of dual priority single-buffered blocking Multistage Interconnection Networks
2007 Evaluating the Significance of the Windows Explorer Visualization in Personal Information Management Browsing tasks
2007 Enhancing BPEL scenarios with Dynamic Relevance-Based Exception Handling
2007 An Approach for re-engineering the Taxation Process to Support Participatory Decisions on Tax Budget Allocation
2007 Performance Analysis of two-priority network schema for single-buffered delta networks
2007 wt-Protégé project
2007 The wt-Protégé project