Name Title
2003 CPM: A Cube Presentation Model for OLAP
2003 Advanced Visualization for OLAP
2003 Subtitled interaction: Complementary support as an alternative to localisation
2003 Tools for Second Language Support
2004 Integrating e-Government Public Transactional Services in the Public Authority Workflow
2004 Tailorability in the context of E-government Information Systems: An approach
2004 Content enrichment through dynamic annotation
2004 A Web Browser for ISDN Card Phones
2004 Virtual Museums for all: Employing Game Technology for Edutainment
2004 Reusability in Electronic Services Development
2004 Composing Cardinal Direction Relations
2004 Modelling and Language Support for the Management of Pattern-Bases
2004 Computing and Handling Cardinal Direction Information
2004 Ontology-Aided Information Retrieval in Digital Historical Archives
2004 Human Computer Interaction and the Second Language Problem
2005 Adaptive Virtual Museums on the Web
2005 Exploiting Form Semantics and Validation Checks to Improve e-Form Layout
2005 An XML model for electronic services
2005 A Flexible Framework for Managing Temporal Clinical Trial Data
2005 Barriers To Electronic Service Development
2005 A Blackboard-oriented Architecture for e-Government service composition
2005 An Active Ontology-based Blackboard Architecture for Web Service Interoperability
2005 A Semantics-Based Consultations Workbench
2005 Computing and Managing Cardinal Direction Relations
2005 On the Consistency of Cardinal Directions Constraints
2005 A Generic and Customizable Framework for the Design of ETL Scenarios
2005 Advanced Visualization for Mobile OLAP
2005 Blueprints for ETL workflows
2005 Graph-Based Modeling of ETL Activities with Multi-Level Transformations and Updates
2006 Ontology for e-Government public services