Name Title
2000 Arktos: A Tool For Data Cleaning and Transformation in Data Warehouse Environments
2000 Modelling and Optimization Issues for Multidimensional Databases
2000 The determination of semilattice congruences of finite semigroups, ordered semigroups using Turbo Pascal 7.0
2001 Building a VR-Museum in a Museum
2001 Designing a virtual museum within a museum
2001 e-Citizens and e-Consumers: Is There a Difference?
2001 Arktos: Towards the Modeling, Design, Control and Execution of ETL Processes
2001 Composing Cardinal Directions Relations
2001 Localisation and Linguistic Anomalies
2001 English Assistant: A Support Strategy for On-Line Second Language Learning
2002 Serving Enhanced Hypermedia Information
2002 SMARTGOV: A Governmental Knowledge-based Platform for Public Sector Online Services
2002 Controlled Caching of Dynamic WWW Pages
2002 Transactional e-Government Services: an Integrated Approach
2002 SmartGov: A Knowledge-based Platform for Transactional Electronic Services
2002 An Object-Oriented Approach for Designing Administrative e-Forms and Transactional e-Services
2002 Modelling and Querying Multidimensional Databases
2002 Composition Algorithm for Cardinal Direction Relations
2002 Consistency Checking for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Cardinal Directions
2002 On the Logical Modelling of ETL Processes
2002 Conceptual Modelling for ETL Processes
2002 Modelling ETL Activities as Graphs
2003 A system to support dissemination of knowledge and sharing of experiences in the working environment
2003 A Framework for Managing the Lifecycle of Transactional e-Government Services
2003 Facilitating VR Museums Web Presence
2003 Improving e-form layout through analysis of form semantics and validation checks
2003 E-forms services for the Public Sector: Shifting Development Effort from Programmers to Domain Experts
2003 Real exhibitions in a virtual museum
2003 Spatiotemporal Models and Languages: An Approach Based on Constraints
2003 Modelling ETL Processes as Graphs